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A Classically Styled Modern Wooden Runabout

Modern wooden powerboat tender yacht tender and runabout Temptress IV

I am excited to present to you the early stages, and a little preview, of the latest design collaboration between myself and Berryer Design & Manufacturing. Michel Berryer and I have been working together since he helped me with the design of the rudder system utilised on Miss Isle. Since then, among our conversations I had expressed that I would like to put together a design for a new, modernised, classically-styled runabout. I have always leaned towards older designs because I love classic lines, and wood of course. The issue I face with my current approach in recycling old plans and designs from this period is that their hull shape and build methods are now somewhat outdated. However our latest venture to design an all new, modern wooden runabout is set to change things…

Since the early days of wooden runabouts, as you would expect, technology and design in several respects has advanced. Perhaps most notably, engine power and weight. Today we are seeing a standard V8 engine, comfortably producing 3-4 times the power it did some 80 years ago and at a reduced weight. Many old design, re-powered classic wood runabouts were simply not set up to accommodate such power.

In conjunction with that we have seen advancements in the way wood can be used in modern wooden boat building. Gone are the days of swelling bottoms, bilge pumps that run all day and varnish that needs topping up every season. Utilising modern construction techniques and materials, dimensionally stable wood boats can be built that are capable of rivalling their composite competitors in their maintenance and strength to weight ratios. More and more manufacturers are turning back towards building boats from wood again, and that’s what I like to see!

Temptress’ modern wood construction will ensure a strong, lightweight, low maintenance wooden boat that bears a far greener carbon footprint throughout her lifetime when compared to similar boats of fibreglass construction.

History of this Design

Temptress is a design that was first produced by Michel Berryer back in 1995 and had sat in his archives since then. Upon expressing an interest in putting together a new-classically styled runabout, Michel sent me the original lines for the boat which I immediately fell in love with.

Before beginning work Michel said he would like to re-visit this design and start over. He is currently in the process of producing a completely new hull from the ground up, that picks up the styling elements of the original.

Original 1995 lines.

“Temptress is to be a vessel with panache that harkens to a time of grace and opulence and yet delivers modern conveniences and performance with a smooth, dry ride.”

Michel berryer

Her new hull incorporates chine flats, convex bottom sections and a deadrise of approximately 12°. This combination makes the boat a good candidate for any of the grand lakes. She is also large enough, with sufficient freeboard to be comfortable and feel safe at sea or in rougher weather.

The new design will see the engine hatches moved aft to create a more spacious open forward cockpit. Seating will come in the form of a bench seat aft and two bucket seats forward. Her beam has also been increased from the original design to give further space in this area. A large storage area under the foredeck will comfortably accommodate life jackets, ropes, fenders, covers and passenger luggage to keep things tidy.

Temptress will be set up with easily accessible lifting points, making her the ideal candidate for hauling up on to the foredeck or tender garage of a large yacht. She can be quickly launched and used to run errands ashore from larger vessels. The option of electric power could also be utilised with a charging facility provided by her mothership. She is small and light enough to be trailered and launched by a large 4×4 or SUV making her suitable for an everyday launch.



  • LOA: 24′ / 7.3m
  • Max beam: 7’10” / 2.38m
  • Dry displacement: Approx 4000lbs / 1814kgs
  • Seats: 5


  • Ilmor petrol V8 320-365hp
  • Yanmar or Volvo diesel
  • Electric
  • Driveline: V-drive inboard
  • Fuel: Approx 50 gallons


  • Hull: mahogany
  • Finish: bright varnished
  • Fittings: stainless steel
  • Upholstery: marine leatherette

We are currently in the closing stages of the new hull design which you can see below. The next stage will see the cockpit and engine hatch layouts follow on. The dash, console and seating will be modelled before moving on to working through her driveline. More details will follow as we progress with this work.


Temptress is available exclusively to buy through Dan Lee Boatbuilding. She will be available to purchase as a complete, commission built boat or as an extensively planned kit, aimed at advanced to professional level boat builders.

We hope to have this design available from late 2021; more details of her design will follow on as we progress with the work. If you would like to register an early interest to discuss pre-ordering a boat or kit then please feel free to contact me.