In Just 7 Days, Learn To Create A Professional Paint Finish In Environments Such As Your Garage Or Workshop At Home

7 Day Yacht Painting Course Agenda

Learn the entire process for varnishing anything wooden, study engaging video content online at your own pace. Rapidly increasing the rate at which you can learn to master varnish work.

Module 1 – Introduction

In this module we will take a look at the structure of the course ahead and I share a bit about me. Here you can also find links for help, access to the students forum and a quick find index of key for the course.

Module 2 – Products

  • Which varnish should you use?
  • Top 5 varnish products tested
  • Begin learning terms such as flow out and wet edge
  • Learn about wood structure types and their affect on which finish systems you are able to use
  • Additives and two part varnish systems
  • Epoxy in finishing

Module 3 – Tools and Gear

  • Surface preparation products, abrasive product types
  • Surface preparation tools, sanding and fairing boards
  • Cleaning products, the essential list
  • Application tools, brush and roller types
  • Learn to make a custom sanding block

Module 4 – Surface Preparation

  • Preparing good existing finishes
  • Stripping bad existing finishes to protect the wood beneath
  • How to properly prepare bare wood
  • Sanding vs fairing, what’s the difference?
  • Masking techniques
  • How to remove staining and marks from old wood

Module 5 – The First Coats

  • Environments and how they will effect the process
  • Application of the first coats
  • Roller technique, an in depth guide
  • Brush technique, good practice
  • What is tipping? (see sample lesson below)

Module 6 – The Build Up

  • Tips and tricks for how to build volume quickly with minimal prep time in between coats
  • Learn about intermediate fairing and its importance
  • Cheat products for difficult spots
  • Hone your brush and roller technique during this phase, these are your practice coats for the final one!

Module 7 – The Last Coats

  • Final coat preparation
  • Final day setup and dust control
  • Good working practice, how to clean a brush
  • Final coat application

Module 8 – Flatting and Polishing

  • Learn how to save a bad finish or supercharge a good one!
  • Learn the flatting process and the products used
  • Learn the polishing process and the products used

Module 9 – Troubleshooting

  • Learn Epifanes customer service, most asked question
  • Look at issues that arise due to improper application
  • Common varnish curing and drying issues
  • Submit and share your projects

Module 10 – Project Spotlights

In this continually evolving module, I share videos that look at the projects coming through my workshop. You will get a run down of what products I have used and why for a wide range of different boat builds and restorations.

Save yourself the hassle and wasted time of trying to learn how to varnish a boat on YouTube or asking for advice on Facebook and getting tons of conflicting answers. Enrol with 10 Day Yacht Varnisher today and you can learn my complete tried and tested method for delivering a pro level finish on your wooden boat at home.

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What The Students Say…

Rob Tyson – UK

Having personally completed varnishing several boats and recently finished the restoration of a fully varnished boat, I would say that this course Dan has produced is in my opinion is both inspiring and helpful. Dan’s instruction from preparation to the finishing coat, is comprehensive, covering all aspects of traditional one pot varnish application, resulting in that excellent gloss finish we all strive to achieve.

The course represents good value for money, with numerous tips saving time and those costly mistakes, as varnish is not only expensive, the varnishing process is also very time consuming. If errors are made, the time taken to correct those errors can equate to hours of work and wasted varnish, so getting the job right first time, saves both time and expense.

I recommend Dans course and I also look forward to Dans boat restoration video’s detailing his latest achievements.

Epifanes Yacht Coatings- North America

When we “discovered” Dan Lee, we knew we were going to be friends. We do know great varnishing, and from start to finish, Dan’s work ranks among the best. We also recommend his online varnishing course, with its detailed discussions on sanding and fairing techniques, honest advice on achieving superior results, and Dan’s insistence on cleanliness. (Dust is never your friend.) For anyone who wants to take varnishing to an exciting new level, Dan can show you the best way.  

Marc Forman – USA

Owning our 1941 Chris-Craft runabout Cat’s Meow for 23 years and being her sole caretaker, I have always wanted to “up” or improve my varnishing skills. Having many hours of varnish and prep experience I struggled to find proper instruction and guidance to improve. Then I stumbled on to Dan Lee’s course and Found tips, videos and how to information that allowed me to accelerate my learning and improve my results dramatically. Dan has an excellent way of explaining the process that makes sense even if you are a beginner, the videos show details that highlight crucial visuals and help unlock proper technique. I have submitted questions during the course and Dan responds quickly with in-depth answers and explanations that make sense. 

I highly recommend this course! It’s the next best thing to being at his shop for hands on training.

Melchior Pons – Netherlands

This is the most elaborate course available, if not the only one. There is nothing else needed (exept materials) to start your varnishing project. Many possible challenges are addressed, any questions are answered promptly. Dan has excellent presentation and communications skills (+ the varnishing skills!).

The biggest eye opener for me was the use of high density foam roller and the use of 1 component varnish in stead of 2 component products. Epifanes is one of the most wel known brands here in the Netherlands.

Keep up the good work, Dan!

View A Sample Lesson

If you’d like a bit more insight into a typical course lesson then take a look at the video below. In this lesson we have some tips on tipping, what it is and how I do it.

Sign up now at the sale price of £148. Regular course price £250.

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Sign up now at the sale price of £148. Regular course price £250.

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DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that your results will vary and depend on many factors including, but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All high standard finishes of this nature entail risk and require consistent effort, time and commitment. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE THE 10 DAY YACHT VARNISHER COURSE.