I am primarily a wooden boatbuilder based just outside Cirencester in the Cotswolds UK. Though my services often cross over into other sectors as well such as aviation and automotive or any project that requires complex shapes to be formed in wood. Below you can find an outline of the typical type of services that I offer such as Wooden Boat Building and Restoration, Joinery, Wood Lamination, CNC wood machining, CAD design and 3D scanning. If you think I can help then I’d love to hear from you no matter how large or small the project may be.

To discuss things further please feel free to contact me. To keep up to date on my latest work you can also find me on any of the platforms below.

Boat Building

My primary area of focus is workshop based, build and restoration of wooden runabouts up to around 25′. Below are some examples of the typical type of boat building service I offer although this doesn’t necessarily cover everything. If you don’t see the service you are looking for here then please feel free to send me an enquiry.

Modern Wooden Boat Building

New build modern wooden boat construction. With the advancement of materials and construction methods such as cold moulding, modern wood boats can now overcome many of the historic maintenance issues they experienced.

Cold moulded boats can rival fibreglass and composite construction with regards to strength/weight ratios and maintenance. Through sustainable material sourcing they also bear a far greener footprint on the environment than fibreglass. For this reason I am confident we will see a return to wood boat construction in the coming years.


Modern, classic or vintage wooden boat restoration and repair. I love classic and vintage wooden boats and can offer repair, servicing or restoration for a range of wooden boats such as Chris Craft, Riva and Century to name a few.

Wooden Boat Finishing

I can offer all aspects of wood finishing including varnish, stain, dye, oils, epoxy, glass sheathing or painting. There are endless options for wood finishing that will enhance the look of any boat.


Computer Aided Design

3D design including the creation and alteration of components for 3D printing, machining, casting and CAD drawing generation. Digital lofting and plan modernisation. Please visit my shop to see some of my modernised digital download boat plans.

Photo realistic rendering can greatly help the customers decision making process in the early stages of the project. I can create rendered images from 3D CAD models and present them in a wide range of finish and surface options.

Yacht and Boat Design

Working closely with Michel Berryer, one of the industries leading marine design engineers, I am able to offer services for new Yacht and Boat design. Everything from a new hull concept through to a fully engineered boat design, including driveline and hardware can be accommodated.


Handheld and mobile 3D scanning services for vehicles and components. I can scan items on site or in house and generate full colour 3D scans to an accuracy of 0.25mm. Most items from a single fitting to a complete vehicle can be scanned.

3D scanning has a wide range of applications within the marine, automotive and aviation industries. Complete vehicles or sections can be documented prior to strip down giving a reference model to work from during reconstruction.

Critical components can also be scanned and archived to use for future re-manufacture or replacement in the event of damage or loss.

Reverse engineering is perhaps one of the most common uses for 3D scanning. Components of all types can be scanned and reverse engineered. Moulds or engineering drawings can then be created to aid the remanufacture of parts.

If you would like a quotation for on site or in house vehicle and component 3D scanning please contact me.


CNC Machining

In cold moulding or composites work, good moulds are essential. I can design and build 2D or 3D moulds to cater for most applications. I have CNC routing facilities for wood and composites up to 200 x 1300 x 2500mm. I can offer 2D and 3D machining of plywood, MDF and solid wood products.

CNC Kitting

If you are building a wooden boat, aircraft or car then having a CNC cut kit of parts can make a huge difference. I can offer CNC kit cutting for marine, aviation and automotive sectors.


Copying of existing wooden components or new, remanufacture of marine, automotive and aviation wood parts. Interior fit out or replacement of parts such as dashboards or cabinetry.