Boat Building Kit Region Supply Program

I am looking to set up a worldwide supply program in order to make my CNC boat building plan sets readily available “locally” to the builder at various locations around the world. If you are interested in becoming part of this program then please read through the details below.

How my Boat Building Plans work

My CNC boat building plans come pre-nested and ready prepared for sending straight to a CNC router for cutting, these are in the form of .DXF files arranged by material type. The digital files are available to download immediately upon checkout, for the plans there are no printing and shipping costs involved and the customer can get started right away. The idea behind this method of supply is that it becomes more economical for both parties. These files can then taken to a local CNC shop or cut on the customers own machine if they have one.

All the bulky items are then sourced locally, collected by the customer or shipped from their local timber supplier. This supports trades and businesses in your area and reduces the risk and unnecessary cost involved with plans or kits made at one location and shipped internationally.

How my Region Supply program works

Kit’s will be made and dispatched through a network of suppliers set up at various locations around the world. A list of approved Region Suppliers that know the designs and kits will have access to the latest designs, files and have information on any updates or new designs that may be coming through. Region Suppliers can also feedback information from customers about new design requests, alteration recommendations and together we will aim to fulfil the demand for the type of boats that people are most wanting to build.

Kits can be cut to order or stocked for immediate dispatch, the decision on how this is done will be down to the Region Supplier.

Available Materials – Material availability will of course vary throughout the world. A local supply method enables the Region Supplier in that area to feed back information as to the availability and feasibility of materials in their area. Kits will be made available based on materials that best suit that suppliers area.

Area Pricing – Pricing for labour and materials will also vary based on region. Kits will be priced by the Region Suppliers, based on their own overheads, material costs and desired profit margins. Guideline prices will be given but ultimately it is up to the Region Supplier.

Sales – All sales must be places online via Dan Lee Boatbuilding and will be passed to the closest Region Supplier to that customer. Once a Region Supplier has been established, the website will be set up to charge the correct fees for that supplier and offer the kits in their available material options.

Payment and Fees – The payment structure is quite simple. A fee for a plan set for the relevant design will be taken by Dan Lee Boatbuilding against each kit sale. The profit margin set by the local supplier will incorporate their fees, they will profit from the kit and Dan Lee Boatbuilding will collect a plan fee for each sale. If a sale is taken through Dan Lee Boatbuilding the order, and monies will be forwarded onto the Region Supplier less the plan and card transaction fee. Orders taken directly by the Region Supplier will require a plan fee to be paid to Dan Lee Boatbuilding against each sale.

What a Region Supplier will need

If you would like to set up as a Region Supplier you will need to have the minimum recommended setup.

  • A 3 axis, 1220 x 2440mm CNC router.
  • Good supply of quality, marine grade timber. BS1088 marine plywood and marine quality hardwoods.
  • A good understanding or CAD models, CAM, woodworking and wooden boatbuilding experience.
  • Facilities for printing full colour documents (A4 illustration documents).
  • Good email and internet access for regular monitoring of order progress.

Alternatively you should have an established network of supply in order to be able to outsource the above work locally.

How to become a Region Supplier

If you are interested in becoming part of my Region Supply program for boat building kits then please Contact Me for more information and full terms and conditions of the agreement.