Miss Isle

A unique, 15′ two seater. Charactered, modern wooden boat with vintage styling, based on 1930’s Gentleman’s racer plans.

This boat is an example of the typical style that I like to work in. Everything on Miss Isle was a hand crafted one off from the woodwork through to the hardware.

Miss Isle is available to order as a commission and can be configured with a number of customisable features. Petrol or electric power options are available.

£POA, worldwide shipping available.


A new design for 2021. Temptress is a 24′ modern, cold moulded wooden boat. Designed around the latest developments in wooden powerboat building with period styling retained.

Suitable for lake, river and sea as a runabout or Yacht tender. This boat offers a versatile platform from which a range of customisations can be adopted, as desired by the customer.

£POA, worldwide shipping available.

TEMPTRESS Modern wood tender runabout

For all enquires

The boats above represent the typical style and standard of my work, however a wide range of alternative options are possible. Please get in touch to discuss a commission.