3 Day Yacht Painter – Online Yacht Enamel Painting Course – PRE LAUNCH

About Course

An online painting course covering traditional gloss Yacht Enamel work. Follow along with a simple refinishing job of a wooden boats. Take an in depth look at products, tools, application technique, theory and workplace setup. The painting course program teaches you to produce a professional level finish. Working in realistic, everyday environments such as your garage or workshop. Study online with lifetime enrolment to re-visit at any time. This online painting course offers 3 days of condensed content with a manageable, bitesize module set for each day. The online course provides a clear to follow, start-to-finish method on applying a high gloss Yacht Enamel finish to woodwork. The method is based primarily around wooden boat painting and the marine industry however you can also apply it to any application that require a high gloss finish.

Lifetime enrolment means that students can refer back to the course at any time. Work through the material again and refresh their knowledge. The recommended pace is 1 module a day but students are free to study at their own rate, alongside a project or as and when they have the time. My course on how to paint a wooden boat is also an ideal accompaniment for my course 10 Day Yacht Varnisher.

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3 Day Yacht Painter is currently under construction. Students are able to enrol early, save on the cost of the full course and still retain lifetime enrolment.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Selecting the right product for your application
  • Equip yourself with the right tools
  • Prepare bare wood and existing finishes
  • Correctly set up your workplace
  • Learn and hone the best techniques for application
  • Achieve that final perfect finish
  • Save time by skipping all the trial and error

Course Content



MODULE 1 – Products and Tools
In this module we will take a look at the structure of the course ahead and I share a bit about me. Here you can also find links for help and a quick find index for the course.

MODULE 2 – Surface Preparation

MODULE 3 – Application
In this module we cover the many different types of application and preparation tools that you will need to get you set up for the task ahead. I run through my recommended tool kit that will get you set up to achieve a pro finish, in whatever workspace you may have, without breaking the bank.