Modern Wooden Boats

I am looking to begin building the first of my New Wooden Boat designs. To start out that process I am currently building a 1/4 scale model of our new design Temptress as a demonstrator. If you’d like to follow along as I document the process then take a look at the video series.

If you are interested in commissioning a modern wooden boat build based on any of our boat designs then please get in touch.

Temptress 24 is the first of our all-new runabout designs, she will deliver the ultimate in modern wooden runabouts. Sustainability, Efficiency, Quality and Style.

A Blend of Technology and Tradition

My new wooden boats will be formulated from a blend of modern technology fused with traditional craftsmanship. Through CAD design we formulate a strong foundation from which all of our boats will be built. Modelling everything down to the last bolt enables us to decide and plan the build process long before the first boards are sawn.

This process feeds naturally into CNC cut elements of the build. All frame components, bulkheads, jigs and alignment systems are CNC cut to ensure accuracy and reliability during the setup stages of the build.

Finished by Hand

CNC machining will only get you so far. Once the framing of the boat is setup, there is no substitute for a trained eye sighting down the lines of a boat as the topside battens are set in. Everything from here on out is done by hand.

Design Functionality and Beauty

Temptress has been designed with modern day features and functionality in mind. Fittings are custom fabricated from Marine grade Stainless Steel to ensure that the brightwork will require minimal upkeep even in the harshest of environments.

Discreetly incorporated lifting eyes set up Temptress for quick and easy stowing in a dry stack or Yacht Tender garage. Her hull design is configured to deliver modern conveniences and performance with a smooth dry ride.

powered by

It is only natural that the finest wooden boats should be paired with the finest engines available. In 2022 Dan Lee Boatbuilding was established as the first UK based OEM for Ilmor Marine Engines. Temptress will run Ilmor’s 5.3L GDI engine, delivering quality, reliability and power on demand without the customer ever having to know the engine is there.

Sustainable Materials that Deliver Efficiency

Modern wooden boats offer a greater strength to weight ratio than that of fibreglass. Careful grain orientation utilised during the build process gives complete control over hull and superstructure rigidity. Modern Wooden boats deliver lighter weight hulls than their fibreglass counterparts, lighter weight brings with it greater efficiency, fuel economy and range. Gone are the days of maintenance with Modern Wooden boats, utilising modern epoxies and finish systems, our wooden runabouts will not need to swell in order to remain watertight, nor will they require continual maintenance to their finishes.

To register your interest or request an information pack for a new Temptress 24 contact me.