In this section of my website I select a project that I have been working on and highlight it in more detail and explain the process I followed. I hope you find the content interesting. I will also be posting the latest news on what is happening with Dan Lee Boatbuilding.

The Temptress Design Phase Draws to a Close

Over the last month work has continued well on the design of Temptress. We now have the entire boat modelled and a custom hardware kit designed to complement her lines. The driveline has been installed, a V-drive unit will accommodate an Ilmor V8 up to 365hp. We are also looking into suitable powering options for…

Reverse Engineering a Propeller

This project was a great example of how modern technology can be used to reverse engineer obsolete components that are no longer readily available. In this instance Albatross Marine were running low on ‘new old stock’ of propellers that they supply for Albatross boats. They sent me one of their last stock propellers in order…

About Me

Boats and wood have both been passions of mine since a very young age and I love the combination where the two meet. A particular favourite of mine are vintage race boats and runabouts from the pre-war era. I believe the ‘golden age’ of boating was a time when quality and style in wooden boat building was at its peak. That being said I am also fascinated by the advancement of technology, modern construction methods, design and how this brings constant change to boat building. Find out more About Me.

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