Atomite MkII – 9 1/2ft Hydroplane FREE Boat Plans


A little 5K YouTube subs celebration, thank you to everyone that has helped me reach this milestone!


So I said I would draw up a completely free boat plan set if my YouTube Channel made it up to 5K subscribers and that’s what I have done. Thank you if you are one of the people that helped me make it to that milestone, if not then feel free to check out my channel and if you think its for you then please consider subscribing and coming on board!

Atomite MkII is a 9 1/2ft single seater hydroplane and is much the same as the original design of Atomite by William Jackson. I have made several corrections to the measurements of frame heights, but other than that the hull and general layout is as per the original. There are several parts that I have improved upon from the original plans, particularly with respect to modern manufacturing methods. A nice simple little build that should be a good bit of fun. It will be done in the same configuration as my Modernised CNC Boat Building Plans and is available to download for FREE!