1934 Flyer – Outboard Hydroplane Racer Plans


1934 Flyer is a Crandall designed streamlined outboard racer for classes M, A, and B.


1934 Flyer is a 9′ outboard powered hydroplane designed by Bruce N. Crandall.

Original Plan Opening Text

“Here’s a 1934 boat for 1934 motors and races. A racing hydroplane for classes M, A and B, weighing one hundred pounds and offering new advantages in ease of construction. Flyer is the last word in a boat exclusively for racing. Heretofore the driver who built his own boat had been under a disadvantage – most of the plans he could get were old or not thoroughly tested. Flyer was designed in 1934 from experiments carried out in 1933, experiment with numerous hulls on the land-locked mile course at Newport Beach, California, that is open the year round. The bottom design is a thoroughly proven one. Well-known coast drivers such and Charles Holt and Loretta Turnbull have tested out hulls preliminary to the design of Flyer.

Flyer is the result of many years’ experience in designing, racing and actual manufacturing of racing boats. It embodies the latest stream-line principles. It turns sharply, handles well in rough water, and has surpassing speed-the bottom design is such that with the proper motor angle it will ride at high speeds practically entirely on the afterplane.”

Plan Type

This plan set is a scan of the original publication in Motor Boating’s plan book from 1936. Plans have been scanned in high resolution and adjusted for maximum clarity of the text and drawings. The plan contains material specifications, build instructions and a clear table of offsets for lofting the design.

If you would like this plan modernised digitally for CNC cutting then please contact me for further information.