Express – 225 Inch Class Hydroplane Plans



Express is a 16′ Hydroplane designed by William W. Atkin for 225 cubic inch class hydroplane racing.

Original Plan Opening Text

“Express was designed to compete in the 225 inch class of hydroplanes. She is somewhat larger than the minimum dimensions outlined in the rules for this class as adopted by the American Power Boat Association, October 25 1934.

She is 16 feet on the water line length; 16 feet 1 1/2 inches over all; 5 feet 4 inches breadth on the deck and 5 feet 1/2 inch breadth on the water line. The freeboard at the bow is 1 foot 5 1/4 inches and at the stern 12 3/4 inches. Her sheer is a straight line. The hull shows two steps; these being exactly 2 inches deep. The sections show a modest concave for the full length of the bottom. There are no freakish or untried features that are likely to lead into deep troubles for the builder or owner.”

Plan Type

This plan set is a scan of the original publication in Motor Boating’s plan book from 1936. Plans have been scanned in high resolution and adjusted for maximum clarity of the text and drawings. The plan contains material specifications, build instructions and a clear table of offsets for lofting the design.

If you would like this plan modernised digitally for CNC cutting then please contact me for further information.