Transom Mounted Tiller Driven Rudder System


A simple yet elegant, transom mounted rudder system.



This transom mounted tiller driven rudder system is a design by Berryer Design. This offers a similar setup to the Transom Mounted Cable Driven Rudder System of Rocket, the Gentleman’s racer, but uses a slightly simpler process.

The external transom mounted rudder steers via a hydraulically driven ram, operating a tiller secured to the top of the rudder shaft. The hydraulic ram is positioned inside the boat, fwd of the transom and supported by a braced bridge system. The setup offers a modern, smooth, safe operation with a period look of the true, vintage “golden age” race boats. This classic boat steering is designed to be cut from plate and welded.

The system would be adaptable for other boat designs but may require modification such as adjusting the internal quadrant bridge as this needs to mount to the next frame fwd of the transom. If you would like to check the suitability of this system for your boat then feel free to contact me.

The file comes in a .STEP format 3D model of the complete assembly and is available for instant download at the checkout. Your machinist will likely need to separate the relevant components in order to prepare the parts for CNC machining. If you think you need the model converted into a different file format then please contact me.


This plan set is licensed for single personal use only. Not for resale or commercial production.