They say if you can build a boat you can make anything out of wood, I always love a challenge and will give anything a go. Below you can find an outline of the typical type of services I can offer although this isn’t necessarily everything. If you think I can help then I’d love to hear from you no matter how large or small the project may be. To discuss things further please get in touch below.

cnc boat building kit

CNC Boat Building Kits

If you are planning to build a boat, having a set of CNC cut components will massively speed up the process. I can cut full size boat kits in most materials from vector files.

cnc machined mahogany dashboard copy

CNC Machining

CNC machining of wood and composites up to 200 x 1300 x 2500mm.

Rocket MkII Top Stbd Bow


3D design, alteration and creation of components, digital lofting and plan modernisation. View my shop for modernised digital download plans.

Boat Building

Wooden boat building, restoration and repair.

Rocket varnished with epifanes


Varnish, stain, dye, oils, epoxy sheathing or painting. There are endless options with wood that will enhance the look of any boat.

Steam Bending

Steam bent wooden parts from stock sizes up to 200 x 2500mm.

Vintage wooden 4 spoke steering wheel

Steering Wheels

New build, replacement or repair of complete steering wheels or rims.

Jig Making

If you are steam bending, cold moulding or doing composites work then good jigs are essential. I can design and build jigs to cater for most applications.

Healey boat mahogany rubbing strip replacement

Component Matching

Copying of existing components or remanufacture from drawings.

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