Modern Wooden Boat Building

Every boat at Dan Lee Boatbuilding is hand built to order based on the owner’s specification. Wood is the selected construction material for all boats, offering warmth and sustainability to their appearance and performance.

In 2023 I am planning to start building the first of our new wooden boats. Click the button below for more information.

Design Services

Dan Lee Boatbuilding offers a range of design services. We can cater for anything from standalone, product development to complete Yacht and Boat Design. With in-house design facilities, CAD models, concept sketches and photo realistic renders can be produced to bring each new product or boat design to life, visualising the finished article long before the first boards are sawn.


Adopting modern materials, techniques and boat building practice. Restorations at Dan Lee Boatbuilding take on physical improvements as well as visual transformations.

The Tideway dinghy shown underwent a construction modification in order to provide the customer with a clinker dinghy that will no longer need to swell in order to remain watertight. This will leave the customer with a beautiful and practical boat, suited for its occasional use as a launch.

Online Tuition

Alongside the everyday work I have always adopted an open approach to sharing the work that I do. Most recently I have started to produce online course content in order to teach others. The first of these online courses are tailored around complete method guides to the boat finishing process. Click the button below to find out more about the courses.