About Me

A farm tucked away in the Cotswolds UK is not where you might expect to find a boat builder but that’s me… You never know who is hidden away in these little workshops dotted throughout the countryside! For me building a boat is the ultimate woodworking project. Lines on a boat are very rarely straight and this adds a whole new dimension, challenge and beauty to the way the parts of a boat are formed.

Boats and wood have both been passions of mine since a very young age and I love the combination where the two meet. A particular favourite of mine are vintage race boats and runabouts from the early 1900’s era. I believe the ‘golden age’ of boating was a time when quality and style in wooden boat building was at its peak. That being said I am also fascinated by the advancement of technology, modern construction methods, design and how this brings constant change to boat building.

My father and his father have always ‘played with boats’ and wood, so I guess wooden boat building was a natural path of interest for me to end up following. For many years I have wanted to get into boat building full time, I strongly believe that timing is everything. Just because your dream isn’t realistic now doesn’t mean it isn’t realistic. Keep it in the back of your mind and when the time is right things will fall in to place. That is what I have always done and I am now hoping that 2021 might just be the right time for me.

If you have a wooden component that you would like made or design that needs bringing to life. If you would like to work together on a project or have a commission built then please contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

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