7 Day Yacht Painter – The Complete Online Painting Course PRE LAUNCH

About Course

An online boat painting course covering traditional Yacht enamels and Two Part paint systems. Take an in depth look at products, tools, application technique, theory and workplace setup. The painting course program teaches you to produce a professional level finish. Working in realistic, everyday environments such as your garage or workshop at home. Study online with lifetime enrolment to re-visit at any time. This online boat painting course offers 7 modules of video content with a manageable, bitesize module amount of learning per module. One module a day is a nice pace but you can take as long as you like to work through the program. The online course provides a clear to follow, start-to-finish method on applying paint finishes finish to wood, metal and GRP substrates. The method is based primarily around boat painting and marine applications however you can also these techniques to any other application that requires a high gloss finish.


Boat Painting Course Pre Launch

The course is currently in the pre-launch phase which means that not all lessons are currently built. Modules 1-3 are currently live. Sign up early and save off the full course price. Pre-launch enrolment offer is limited to the first 100 students. Additional discount will be offered to all existing 10 Day Yacht Varnisher Students if you are currently enrolled on the 10DYV course, keep an eye out for the discount code in your dashboard to get an additional £30 off!


Individual Student Enrolment

The enrolment price for the boat painting course is per person, lifetime access means that students can refer back to the course at any time. Work through the material again and refresh their knowledge. The recommended pace is one module a day but students are free to study at their own rate, alongside a project or as and when they have the time.


Business or College Enrolment

7 Day Yacht Painter is an ideal tool for boat yards and colleges to add to their existing training programs. Enrolling staff on this painting course will greatly speed up the process at which apprentices can get up and running with a solid knowledge base of the painting process. By putting new staff members or apprentices through the program, employers can ensure that they learn the core fundamentals of the process before getting to the shop floor. This reduces the time that experienced staff need to spend teaching the basics in the workshop.


Discounted packages are available for Businesses and Colleges, please contact me for more information and pricing.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Selecting the right product for your application
  • Equip yourself with the right tools
  • Prepare a range of substrates and existing finishes
  • Correctly set up your workplace
  • Product and additive selection
  • Learn and hone the best techniques for application
  • Achieve that perfect final finish
  • Flat and polish paints
  • Save time by skipping the trial and error process

Course Content


  • PRE LAUNCH: Introduction
  • Pre Launch Questionnaire

MODULE 1 – Introduction
In this module we will take a look at the structure of the course ahead and I share a bit about me. Here you can also find links for help and a quick find index for the course.

MODULE 2 – Products
What you can use and where, how to mix paints and which filler to use. We cover it all in the products module.

MODULE 3 – Tools and Gear
In this module we cover the many different types of application and preparation tools that you will need to get you set up for the task ahead. I run through my recommended tool kit that will get you set up to achieve a pro finish, in whatever workspace you may have, without breaking the bank.

MODULE 4 – Surface Preparation

MODULE 5 – Priming, Filling and Fairing

MODULE 6 – Topcoats

MODULE 7 – Flatting and Polishing

Some additional videos that you may find useful for your projects.

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