10 Day Yacht Varnisher – The Complete Online Varnishing Course

About Course

An online varnishing course covering traditional gloss Yacht Varnish work. Take an in depth look at products, tools, application technique, theory and workplace setup. The varnishing course program teaches you to produce a professional level finish. Working in realistic, everyday environments such as your garage or workshop. Study online with lifetime enrolment to re-visit at any time. This online varnishing course offers 10 days of content with a manageable, bitesize module set for each day. The online course provides a clear to follow, start-to-finish method on applying a high gloss Yacht Varnish finish to woodwork. The method is based primarily around wooden boat varnishing and the marine industry however you can also apply it to household applications such as tables, floors and doors that require a high gloss finish.

Lifetime enrolment means that students can refer back to the course at any time. Work through the material again and refresh their knowledge. The recommended pace is 1 module a day but students are free to study at their own rate, alongside a project or as and when they have the time. My course on how to varnish a wooden boat is also an ideal accompaniment for my modernised wooden boat building plans. By enrolling on this course you automatically qualify for a discounted rate on any of my boat building plans. Perfect if you are looking to build and finish a wooden boat at home to a professional standard.

View a Sample Lesson

If you’d like a bit of a further insight into the sort of material that is included in the course then click here to view a sample lesson on tipping.

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Save yourself the hassle and wasted time of trying to learn how to varnish a boat on YouTube or asking for advice on Facebook and getting multiple conflicting answers that only tell you a fraction of what you need to know. Enrol with 10 Day Yacht Varnisher today and you can learn my complete tried and tested method for delivering a pro level finish on your wooden boat at home.

Course Launch Phase

10 Day Yacht Varnisher is currently in its launch phase which means the entire program is not yet built but it will be completed shortly. Students can enrol now at a discounted price and begin working through the modules that are already built. Take a look at the curriculum tab to see the full, course schedule and which lessons are currently complete.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Selecting the right product for your application
  • Equip yourself with the right tools
  • Prepare bare wood and existing finishes
  • Correctly set up your workplace
  • Prepare the varnish for the job ahead
  • Learn and hone the best techniques for application
  • Achieve that final perfect finish
  • Protect and care for your investment over time
  • Save time by skipping all the trial and error

Course Curriculum

Pre Launch

  • Pre launch introduction
  • Share your common issues, questions and suggestions

MODULE 1 – Introduction
In this module we will take a look at the structure of the course ahead and I share a bit about me. Here you can also find links for help and a quick find index for the course.

  • MODULE 1 LESSON 1: What we will aim to achieve on this course
  • MODULE 1 LESSON 2: About me
  • LINKS: Quick find course index and help

MODULE 2 – Products
Which varnish should you use? In this module we take a look at a range of commonly available products and do in depth comparisons of their properties. We will also dive into alternative products such as epoxy and two part systems to look at what might be best for your application.

  • MODULE 2 LESSON 1: My top 5 traditional varnishes
  • MODULE 2 LESSON 2: What will we be using?
  • MODULE 2 LESSON 3: Wood structure types
  • MODULE 2 LESSON 4: Alternative finish products
  • MODULE 2 LESSON 5: Epoxy in finishing
  • QUIZ: Module 2 review

MODULE 3 – Recommended Tools and Gear
In this module we cover the many different types of application and preparation tools that you will need to get you set up for the task ahead. I run through my recommended tool kit that will get you set up to achieve a pro finish, in whatever workspace you may have, without breaking the bank.

  • MODULE 3 LESSON 1: Surface preparation products
  • MODULE 3 LESSON 2: Surface preparation tools
  • MODULE 3 EXERCISE: Making a custom sanding block
  • MODULE 3 LESSON 3: Cleaning products
  • MODULE 3 LESSON 4: Application tools
  • MODULE 3 LESSON 5: Health and personal protection
  • QUIZ: Module 3 review

MODULE 4 – Surface Preparation
If you are starting a fresh on new wood, saving a completely tired old finish or simply freshening up what is already there, correct surface preparation is essential. In this module I cover preparing the surface and the varnish to ensure a good base and adhesion for the task ahead.

  • MODULE 4 LESSON 1: Timeframe expectations
  • MODULE 4 LESSON 2: Preparing good existing finishes
  • MODULE 4 LESSON 3: Stripping bad existing finishes
  • MODULE 4 LESSON 4: Preparing bare wood
  • MODULE 4 LESSON 5: Sanding vs fairing
  • MODULE 4 LESSON 6: Masking
  • MODULE 4 LESSON 7: Removing staining from old wood
  • MODULE 4 LESSON 8: Staining
  • QUIZ: Module 4 review

MODULE 5 – The First Coats
After the surface is prepped you are ready to begin the first coat applications. In this module we prepare the varnish correctly based on project status and working conditions. We look at illustrations of the surface and build an understanding of what we are aiming to achieve. We will then cover roller and brush techniques for correct application in the early stages.

  • MODULE 5 LESSON 1: Environment
  • MODULE 5 LESSON 2: The first coats
  • MODULE 5 LESSON 3: Roller technique
  • MODULE 5 LESSON 4: Brush technique
  • 14:52
  • QUIZ: Module 5 review

MODULE 6 – The Build Up
This module covers the build up stages of the varnishing process. Tips and tricks for how to build volume quickly with minimal prep time to get that depth of colour and shine building. We will also cover alternative Epoxy and Two Pack product systems and discuss their benefits and flaws within this stage of the process. You will also use this process to hone your brush and roller technique ahead of the final coating stage.

  • MODULE 6 LESSON 1: First build up stage
  • MODULE 6 LESSON 2: Intermediate fairing
  • MODULE 6 QUICK TIP: Cheat product
  • MODULE 6 LESSON 3: Second build up stage – honing your skills
  • QUIZ: Module 6 Review

MODULE 7 – The Last Coats
In this module we cover the final few coats of the process. I share my best tips for getting that perfect finish by hand. We focus on good practice in setting up for the final coat, ideal conditions, workplace and tool prep, reducing dust, bits. But is the last coat ever really the last?

  • MODULE 7 LESSON 1: Final coat preparation
  • MODULE 7 LESSON 2: Dust control and setup day
  • MODULE 7 LESSON 3: How to clean a brush
  • MODULE 7 LESSON 4: Application day
  • QUIZ: Module 7 Review

MODULE 8 – Flatting and Polishing
Even with the best preparation and technique sometimes the odds are just against you. Perhaps you don't have time to strip the boat down and build more varnish on it but you want to freshen the finish. In this module we cover the process of flatting and polishing varnish and look at the theory behind what the process entails.

  • MODULE 8 LESSON 1: Flatting
  • MODULE 8 LESSON 2: Polishing

MODULE 9 – Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
How to protect and maintain your precious finish over the years. In this module we look forwards to what you from what you should be doing now to when you may have to get the sanding blocks and brushes out again. There will also be an opportunity for students to share their issues so we can find solutions to a range of issues.

  • MODULE 9 LESSON 1 – Varnish issues
  • MODULE 9 EXERCISE – Student case studies

MODULE 10 – Project Spotlights
In this module I will share some of my projects as I am working on them so you can see the finish systems I have used and why.

  • Staining Miss Isle
  • Varnishing Miss Isle
  • Varnishing the Stapley
  • Tideway varnish system
  • Chris Craft varnish system