3M Clear Masking Film Dust Control Sheeting


Perhaps the biggest addition to any project where you want to control dust levels in a workspace prior to final coat finishing.



3M Clear Masking Film is an absolute god send when it comes to dust control within the painting and varnishing environment. I use this product to build out a sheeted enclosure any time I need to do clean, dust free finishing work within my workshop.

It is naturally, lightly static which means it actively attracts dust that is hanging in the air and prevents it from settling in your freshly varnished surface. It comes supplied on a 1m roll that folds out 4 times to make a 4m wide film. 150m is supplied on one roll which will see you through many finishing operations even if you are building a full finishing tent.

The dust control sheeting is transparent which means light within your workspace is almost unaffected, if anything it give a soft diffusion to the light. One roll of this will typically last me through around 3-4 boat finishing operations building a full tent for each time.