Nitrile Protective Gloves


Supplied in box of 50 pairs.

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These nitrile protective gloves are designed to provide reliable protection for your hands in various situations. Made from high-quality nitrile material, these gloves are ideal for those who are allergic to latex. Suitable for working with most types of paint, epoxy and solvents. The nitrile material offers excellent resistance to punctures, tears, and chemicals, ensuring that they can withstand demanding tasks. This makes them a reliable choice for professionals who need gloves that can hold up under pressure.

The nitrile material is soft and flexible, allowing for easy movement of the hands. It is important to mention that these gloves have a textured surface, providing a strong grip even in wet or oily conditions. This feature enhances safety and dexterity, allowing you to confidently handle objects without the fear of slipping. Additionally, these protective gloves are designed to be easy to put on and take off. They come with a beaded cuff that ensures they stay securely in place while still allowing for quick removal when necessary.

Product Features:

  • Made from high-quality nitrile material
  • Excellent resistance to punctures, tears, and chemicals
  • Soft, flexible, and comfortable fit
  • Textured surface for enhanced grip
  • Beaded cuff for secure fit

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