Tyvek Coverall Suits


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Tyvek Coverall Suits, the ultimate protective gear for dust control and a clean final finish. These durable suits are designed to keep particles on your person at bay and not in your finish. Safe and comfortable in a variety of environments. They are reusable many times over.

Made from high-quality Tyvek material, these coveralls are lightweight, breathable, and resistant to liquids and particles. The unique fabric provides an effective barrier against various substances, making it ideal for industrial, medical, and hazardous environments.

The Tyvek Coverall Suits are designed to provide full body protection, including the head and feet. The attached hood and elastic wrists and ankles ensure a secure fit, preventing any unwanted exposure. The front zip closure allows for quick and easy donning and doffing, making it convenient for frequent usage.

These coveralls are not only practical but also comfortable to wear. The breathable fabric allows air to circulate, reducing the risk of overheating. The lightweight design ensures ease of movement, allowing you to work or move freely without feeling restricted.

These suits offer a range of features to meet your specific needs:

  • Liquid and Particle Barrier: The Tyvek material acts as a barrier against both liquids and particles, keeping you safe from potential hazards.
  • Attached Hood: The hood provides extra protection for your head, keeping it shielded from any harmful substances.
  • Elastic Wrists and Ankles: The elasticized cuffs provide a secure fit, sealing off any potential entry points.
  • Front Zip Closure: The easy-to-use front zip allows for quick and effortless removal and wear.

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