Epifanes Classic Mahogany Wood Stain


A classic rich mahogany wood stain that will greatly enhance the look of any varnish system on boats.


Epifanes Classic Mahogany Wood Stain offers a solution for enhancing the natural beauty of wood surfaces. This product is specifically designed to provide a rich and long-lasting colour that will enhance the appearance of your wood giving a deep classic mahogany colour.

With its easy application Epifanes Classic Mahogany Wood Stain is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Epifanes Classic Mahogany Wood Stain is also known for its excellent coverage. A little goes a long way, and you can achieve great results with just one coat. The spirit based wood stain is easy and quick to apply allowing you to build a depth of colour by adding as many coats as necessary in short succession.

With Epifanes Classic Mahogany Wood Stain, you can easily revitalize the look of your mahogany wood surfaces with minimal effort. Its rich and vibrant colour, ease of use, and long-lasting protection make it the perfect choice for any project.