Epifanes Paint and Varnish Thinners


Thinners for the Epifanes range of paints and varnishes are used to temporarily reduce the viscosity of the product. See the guide below for more detailed information.

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Epifanes Paint and Varnish Thinners are a high-quality thinner that can be used with all Epifanes paints and varnishes for altering the characteristics of the product as needed. Brush and spray thinners are available for both single part and polyurethane paint systems and varnishes. Below is a description of each product and some applications in which they might be typically used. Always use the correct thinner type to match the product that you are applying whether that is surface or tool cleaning or product thinning. Each type is developed specifically for its relevant product and I do not recommend cross contaminating them.

Single Part Brush Thinner

Use this product for thinning all Epifanes single part varnishes and paints. Thinning can be desired for a range of reasons but typically it is used for increased penetration of the initial coats when applying Varnish. Thin the first coats of Epifanes varnish 50% with a brush thinner for this purpose. Thin the second and third coats 25%. Brush thinners have a slow evaporation time, allowing a longer period for brushing and tipping with more time for the finish to flow out. These are also more suited for working in higher temperatures where a spray thinner may evaporate too quickly.

Single Part Spray Thinner

Epifanes spray thinners offer a shorter flash off or evaporation time than brush thinners. The primary job of these are to thin the varnish or paint to assist in transporting it through the spray gun and onto the surface, they then evaporate quickly. Spray thinners are also useful for degreasing surfaces during the preparation stage as they flash off quickly enough to allow you to get on with the job.

Polyurethane Thinners

The Epifanes polyurethane thinners are available in brush and spray thinner format as with the single product thinners. The difference is that they are specially formulated for the polyurethane products. I do no recommend using the incorrect thinner for the product, even if its for cleaning.

Epoxy Thinners

The Epifanes epoxy thinner is available in one standard rate only, specially formulated for all Epifanes epoxy products.

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Single Part Brush Thinner, Single Part Spray Thinner, Polyurethane Brush Thinner, Polyurethane Spray Thinner, PP Varnish Thinner, Epoxy Thinner

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500ml, 1L, 5L