Epifanes Varnish Woodfinish Gloss


Epifanes woodfinish is the perfect companion for oily woods such as teak and Iroko. The varnish remains breathable and therefore prevents lifting of the product from the surface, a scenario that is often experienced when using non breathable finishes on woods such as this.

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Epifanes woodfinish varnish is a single component clear gloss breathable varnish. Well suited for oily woods such as teak and Iroko that can otherwise be troublesome for other finishes. Apply a maximum of 5 coats to the surface so the system can remain breathable and prevent lifting of the finish. See the recommended applications list below for a selection recommended application examples for this product.

Recommended Applications

The Epifanes woodfinish gloss varnish is a very breathable and flexible product, it gives a high gloss finish and lasting gloss and UV protection. Typical applications for this product are;

  • Application on oily woods such as Teak and Iroko
  • Working, flexing or unstable wood surfaces such as clinker and carvel constructions
  • Great for masts, spars and oars
  • Application is recommended with a good quality brush or foam roller

Recommended Systems

On bare wood, thin the first coat of Epifanes woodfinish 50% with an Epifanes brush thinner. Thin the second and third coats 25% and build with full thickness from there onwards. Apply a maximum of 5 coats if breathability is required. Sand bare wood to 180g and intermediate coats to 320g.

Alternative Systems

For an alternative, flexible application also consider an oil based product such as Owatrol Deks Olje D1.

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