Playboy MkII – 13ft Outboard Powered Gentleman’s Racer Boat Plans


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About The Boat

Plan set due late March 2021

Additional information

Plan Type

CNC cutting plan set, 1:5 scale model plan set

Boat Specification

  • Length – 13ft 3in
  • Beam – 5ft 6in
  • Seats – 2
  • Power – 5 – 50hp

CNC Cutting Details

CNC Cutting Details

All DXF parts are nested on bordered panels to ensure correct sizing. Frame and solid wood components are nested on 610 x 2440mm panels and orientated for correct grain direction. Ply and form components are nested on 1220 x 2440mm panels separated by material type and thickness. Details of the part nesting are below.

  • Max recommended tool diameter 10mm (due to design radius)
  • Toolpath clearance 20mm
  • Edge clearance border 20mm