Temptress – 24ft Runabout




Temptress is an all new 24ft inboard runabout, designed to comfortably carry up to 6 in a large, open cockpit. This versatile design can be altered to accommodate a number of customisable options including Petrol, Diesel and Electric. Select a plan type from the drop down bow below to view a description of what is included.




Temptress is an all new boat plan designed for modern wooden, cold moulded construction. Delivering the first in a new line of boats designed by Michel Berryer and kitted by Dan Lee. Our new boat building plans deliver fully configured designs, available to the general public for home building. She would be equally suited for build by a professional boatyard. Temptress is a modernised boat hull, set up accordingly and balanced for her specified power. The boat is kitted to be built utilising state of the art CNC technology for creating her framework yet finished to a standard that can only be achieved by hand crafting.

She is a 24ft inboard runabout, designed to comfortably carry up to 6 in a large, open cockpit. Primarily set up to run around Ilmor’s 5.3L GDI Engine, this versatile design can be altered to accommodate a number of customisable options; power can be Petrol, Diesel or Electric. Her new hull incorporates chine flats, convex bottom sections and a deadrise of approximately 12°. This combination makes the boat a good candidate for any of the grand lakes. She is also large enough, with sufficient freeboard to be comfortable and feel safe at sea or in rougher weather.

Temptress is set up with easily accessible lifting points, making her the ideal candidate for hauling up on to the foredeck or tender garage of a large yacht. She can be quickly launched and used to run errands ashore from larger vessels. The option of electric power could also be utilised with a charging facility provided by her mothership. She is small and light enough to be trailered and launched by a large 4×4 or SUV making her suitable for an everyday launch. The hardware pack shown has been designed to complement the boats lines and present classic styling, plans for these items will be available to buy separately shortly.

Temptress can also be commissioned for build at Dan Lee Boatbuilding, please contact me for all enquiries.

Full Size Boat Building Plan Set

The boat building plan set is for a cold moulded version of Temptress. It contains illustrated documents showing assembly of the parts and detailed instructions for the entire build process. dxf files for all components are pre-nested into sized bounding boxes ready for importing to CAD software for CNC cutting. Two 3D models are included in a .step format detailing the finished boat and a setup model with jigs and the strong back included. Files are supplied in digital format only and are available to download directly at the checkout. To illustrate the process of building this boat I am currently producing a YouTube video series in which I build a 1/4 scale model.

1/4 Scale Model Boat Building Plan Set

The 1/4 scale model plan set offers a simplified version of the boats construction that is suited to building the boat as a functioning RC model boat or just a static model. All components are set up to be CNC or Laser cut from 6mm plywood and slot together using half housing joints, making assembly quick and easy with positive alignment of all parts. There is no need for a strongback assembly as notched stringers and keel components locate everything. This plan set produces a sizeable model at 6′ long! The plans can also be scaled by 50% and cut from 3mm plywood to produce a 1/8 scale model at 3′ long as a smaller alternative. Please note this is NOT the set of plans I am working from in the current 1/4 scale build video series. In that series I am working from the full size boat plans.


This plan set is licensed for single build, personal use only. Not for resale or commercial production, please contact me if you would like more information regarding commercial licensing.

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Boat Specification


  • Length – 24ft / 7.3m
  • Beam – 7ft 10in / 2.38m
  • Draft – 28 1/2in / 725mm
  • Power – Petrol (Ilmor 5.3L V8), Diesel, Electric
  • Max Hull Speed – 50 mph
  • Weight – 4000lbs / 1814kg
  • Construction – Cold Moulded Mahogany
  • Seats – 6
  • Build Difficulty – Advanced
  • Designer – Michel Berryer


  1. Can Temptress be adapted for a jet drive unit? No, for a number of reasons we do not recommend that this boat is altered for use with a jet drive.
  2. Can the size of Temptress be altered? We do not recommend trying to alter the size of this boat from the standard plans as it would require significant re-working of most of the pre-patterned elements.