West System 206 Slow Hardener


A slow curing hardener for use with the West System 105 Epoxy resin. Use for general bonding, filleting and laminating applications in higher working temperatures or where an extended working time is needed. Mix with 105 resin at a 5:1 ratio.

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The West System 206 Slow Hardener has slow curing properties. This hardener is designed to reduce the curing time of West System epoxy when mixed in the proper ratio with the corresponding 105 Resin.

When used in combination with the 105 Resin, the West System 206 Slow Hardener will allow you more working time during your projects. Whether you are working on boat repairs, construction projects, or general repairs or composites work, this slow hardener will ensure a strong bond that will stand the test of time.

One of the key features of the West System 206 Slow Hardener is its increased working time at higher temperatures, making it perfect for use in warmer climates or during summer months. This means that you can continue working on your projects year-round, without any delays or compromises in quality.

Recommended Applications

  • Bonding and lamination of wood and composite materials
  • Filleting, filling and fairing
  • Glass sheathing of stable wood surfaces
  • Coating and protection of stable wood surfaces
  • Water resistant installation of hardware

Recommended Systems

West System epoxy resin can be used for a wide variety of applications. The range of hardeners and additives mean that the product can be mixed to suit the needs of the user. Below are a few examples of typical systems that I might use on a regular basis where longer assembly or cure times are needed or higher temperatures are experienced.

General bonding | 105 resin and 206 hardener thickened with 406 colloidal silica – 1 pump of resin to 1 scoop of additive will give a product very close to a standard glue consistency. Use for general bonding that will not be bright finished.

Sandable filler | 105 resin and 206 hardener thickened with 407 low density filler – filler quantity can be tweaked to alter the viscosity giving an easily sandable filler. Use for fillets, filling and fairing areas that will not be bright finished.

Wood coloured joints | 105 resin and 206 hardener thickened with 405 filleting blend – this gives a wood coloured glue line for fillets and glue joints that will be bright finished. I sometimes also add in a touch of mahogany dust to darken the colour further if needed.

Casting pads for hardware installation | 105 resin and 206 hardener thickened with 404 high density filler – this creates a dense and smooth resin surface that can be used to shim hardware items upon installation.

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