Epifanes Paint and Varnish Additives


Tweak the properties of varnishes and paints with these additives to aid working in less than ideal conditions.

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Epifanes Paint and Varnish additives are a high quality product specifically developed for altering the properties of various products to assist them in performing better, particularly if conditions are less than ideal.

Easy Flow

Epifanes easy flow is an oil based flow enhancer than can be used in extremes of climate, either hot or cold. It can be added to single part paint and varnish products to increase the flow out time and wet edge properties of the product when temperature are either warmer or colder than the ideal. Supplied in 500ml pack size.

Polyurethane Slow Reducer

The Epifanes Polyurethane slow reducer does not thin the product but it slows down the chemical curing process of the two part system, allowing more working time. This can be particularly useful when working in warmer climates, typically above 20 degrees. Supplied in 1L pack size.

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Easy Flow 500ml, Polyurethane Slow Reducer 1L