Epifanes PP Varnish Extra


Epifanes PP varnish extra is a two component, flexible, high build clear. Well suited to rapidly building volume to fill the wood grain and create a fair surface. Consider this an all round primer filler for varnish work. Supplied in packs containing both comp A and comp B.

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Epifanes PP varnish extra is a two component flexible semi gloss varnish base layer. Consider this effectively a primer filler for the varnishing process. It is high building, multiple coats can be built in a day, filling the wood grain and building volume with which to get a flat surface. With “wet on wet” application it is possible to build up to 4-5 coats a day with this product. Additional coats can be applied with no need for sanding in between coats if done within 24-48 hours.

Epifanes PP varnish should be topped off with a gloss or satin topcoat such the Epifanes traditional gloss varnish or polyurethane clear.

Recommended Applications

Typical applications for this product are;

  • Bright finished solid wood and plywood above the waterline
  • Working, flexing or unstable wood surfaces such as clinker and carvel constructions
  • Also suitable for stable wood surfaces such as cold moulded and plywood boats
  • Great for masts, spars and oars
  • Application is recommended with a good quality brush or foam roller

Recommended Systems

On bare wood, thin the first coat of Epifanes PP varnish 50% with an Epifanes brush thinner. Thin the second and third coats 25% and build with full thickness from there onwards. Sand bare wood to 180g and intermediate coats to 320g. How many coats of varnish should I apply? Below are some approximate guides on coat quantities.

  • Minimum of 4-6 coats on small wooden items for short term exposure outdoors – re coating as necessary
  • 12-15 coats for topsides and decks with moderate UV exposure levels – re coating every two years
  • 15+ coats for topsides and decks with extended UV exposure levels – re coating annually

Want to Learn More?

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