Rocket MkII – 15ft Stepped Hull Gentleman’s Racer


Rocket MkII is available to purchase in a range of formats, scale model and full size plan sets, a CNC cut kit of parts or a complete finished boat built to the customers specification.

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About Rocket MkII

Rocket MkII is a modernised boat based on the original design of Rocket by William Jackson. The design is for an inboard engined 15ft stepped hull Gentleman’s race boat with a two seater cockpit aft.

Rocket MkII has some differences to the original design. I have made several small corrections to the measurements of frame heights and widths, but other than that the hull below the waterline is as per the original. The major change that I have made to Rocket is the modified profile of the deck. The original transom had a very high centreline and quite a drastic curve to the aft deck. I have reduced this to have a more subtle curve and reshaped all of the deck frames to true up the deck accordingly. I have also added a curved coaming to nicely finish the cockpit and complement the deck lines. If building the boat yourself this option can be fitted or the cockpit can be of a more open, square design like the original if desired. Altering the cockpit shape does not require any major structural work and so can be decided upon further down the build process. In the plan and kit sets I have added several additional parts that aren’t mentioned in the original plans. Frames 2a and 4a have been added to support the deck at each ends of the engine hatch opening. I have also added detail of the hatch ends and middle frames to accommodate fitting of the engine.

This boat is available to purchase as a plan, kit or a complete finished boat. Details of each are listed below.

Scale Model Plan Set

The scale plans come in 1:5 and 1:12 and are quite basic in form. They contain full size outlines for each frame and the keel, as well as patterns for bottom, sides and deck skins. There are no drawn cutouts for battens or boat structure, so the details of assembly method and structure will need to be decided by the builder. This plan set contains full size PDF files for the parts so that they can be printed and used as paper patterns or CNC/Laser cut.

Boat Building Plan Set

The plan set is for a plywood skinned version of Rocket MkII. It contains an illustrated document showing assembly of the parts and a SketchUp Model for referencing the general assembly and location of all components. DXF files for all components are pre nested onto sized panels ready for sending straight to the manufacturer or timber supplier. Files are supplied in digital format only and are available to download directly at the checkout.

License – This plan set is licensed for single personal use only. Not for resale or commercial production, please contact me if you would like more information regarding commercial licensing.

Boat Building Kit

A complete boat building kit for building your own plywood version of Rocket MkII including the following:

  • CNC cut Sapele frame components
  • CNC cut Gaboon plywood gussets and skins
  • CNC cut MDF form and alignment parts
  • CNC cut frame construction board
  • Long timbers including battens, chines and keel
  • Strongback timbers
  • Consumables kit of screws, epoxy, paint and varnish

Please note that due to the size of the timbers provided the kits are only available for collection from my workshop.

Ordering a Finished Boat

A complete, finished boat can be supplied, all of my boats are built to order by myself to the highest standards. Hulls are of cold moulded construction offering the end user a modern, low maintenance wooden boat that will give many years of pleasure, a turn away from the reputation of wooden boat hulls of the past. Boats are supplied ready to go, set up on a custom SBS road trailer with covers, ropes, fenders and everything you will need to get you going.

A wide specification range is available for this boat and this is one that should be discussed in detail. For more information and to discuss the possibility of a new boat build please contact me.

Additional information

Purchase Option

Scale model plan set, Boat building plan set, Boat building kit, Finished boat

Boat Specification

  • Length – 15ft
  • Beam – 5ft 6in
  • Power >100hp
  • Dry weight 510kgs
  • Seats – 2

Rudder and Drive System

The original plans specify a 12 degree shaft angle. This positions the rudder approximately with it’s shaft just outside the transom. On my build of Rocket I reduced the shaft angle to 10 degrees, pushing the rudder further aft which consequently called for a rudder bracket that was stepped off the transom. Increasing the shaft angle above 12 degrees would mean that the builder could install a traditional inboard rudder instead.

Please note, the plans for the transom mount rudder system are not included with Rocket MkII. However, if you should wish to adopt a similar setup then these are available to purchase in my Mechanical Systems category.


Video Playlist for Rocket MkII

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