Temptress 24ft wooden runabout plans wooden boat CNC plans
Temptress – 24ft Runabout

All designs are available to buy as downloadable digital plan files. Utilising versatile, modernised boat building techniques. Each design adopts strongback and frame construction board systems. No traditional lofting is necessary as each boat plan set includes full size component outlines that can be printed for patterns or CNC cut. Certain designs are also available as commission built boats. Click on each design for more information or to buy online.

CNC boat plans for a wooden slipper launch
Marilyn – 25ft Slipper Launch
Waterman boat building plans and kit small tiller steered fishing skiff
Waterman – 19ft Fishing Skiff
Rocket MkII – 15ft Gentleman’s Racer
Atomite MkII – 9ft Hydroplane
Playboy MkII – 13ft Utility
Atomite MkII Boat Building Plans and Kit copy
Atomite MkII Two Seater – 9ft Hydroplane
Playboy MkII – 13ft Racer
Elouise – 17.5ft Day Boat